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Q "Why not use our staff, or a local person to do our Background?" A • Do they have the expertise to conduct this level of background? • Do they have previous, professional experience conducting backgrounds at this level? • Are they willing and able to justify methods used, and document the entire process? • Do they have the experience necessary to provide a credible defense of the process? • Can they provide the same level, and extent of background that we offer? • Is this the best use of manpower and time commitment for our staff? Q "It can’t be that hard, why don’t I just do the background myself"? A • Do you feel comfortable relying upon a cursory search of a few on-line sources which only provides you with a limited field of information? • Do you feel comfortable in limiting your knowledge about your Finalist to just a few letters of reference from previous employers? • Do you feel comfortable in phoning References the Candidate has provided? • Do you know what kind of questions to ask, and how to legally document the interview? • Do you have nationwide search capabilities? Q "How can our Background be performed with no capital outlay to our city?" A You're probably filling a position which has been vacated due to retirement, resignation, or termination and your search has taken a few months to reach this point. Therefore, you now have several months of accumulated, unpaid salary from that position. And that is more than enough to offset the cost of any background screening option you may choose. Q “What will our Candidate think if we have a Background conducted?” A Most Candidates now realize the importance of having a professionally conducted background performed, and we seldom encounter any hesitancy on their part. (Unless they have something to hide, in which case they normally withdraw from consideration, therefore saving you time and expense!) Q "Why use Gleason & Associates?" A We have the experience, and stand behind our process! We’ve been conducting backgrounds since 1989. We keep up-to-date on current legal issues concerning the hiring process. We have the expertise and resources necessary to properly and thoroughly research the candidate. In fact, we will provide a defense of our process if necessary. (As of this date, we have NEVER had to!) We provide an objective, professionally conducted background. Don’t rely on ill-prepared, inconsistent methods used by non-professionals which can easily lead to litigation. When you utilize our services, you receive a professionally prepared, extensively written document which will assist in your final hiring decision. In fact, our Candidate Reference Interview format contains more than 50 questions for each individual reference that we interview. Our painstakingly detailed reference checks provide you with exceptional insight into your Candidate. We spend hours discussing your Finalist’s performance with current and former supervisors, professional peers, and co-workers. Option levels designed to fit individual needs! Options Levels are designed to provide you with a choice. ﷯You choose both the level, and method by which the background will be conducted. We've been assisting local governments since 1989 and enjoy a nationwide reputation for providing objective, professional screening. And remember, we guarantee our services! Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed

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