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Option 2 - Local Government Executive Background Screening



Professional Background



This is a great choice for those clients who don't need as much detailed background information on their Finalist.


While meeting all due diligence standards, this option may be performed either On-site or  by phone and through on-line research. (Your choice)


Objective fact finding and verification of critical background items are the hallmark of this option.


This option includes these 5 items:

1) Nationwide Criminal, Civil, Financial Record Search

We conduct a nationwide search for any criminal and/or civil records; including bankruptcies, lawsuits, liens, sex offender registration, and more.  Also included is Social Security confirmation,  professional license verifications, corporate holdings, and all previous addresses.


2) Professional Employment Verification

(Current and up to six most recent)

We recover employment documents from your candidate's current and previous employers including position titles, specific dates of employment, resignation and/or termination information, salary, etc. We also retrieve Performance Reviews, and/or written Evaluations.


3) Professional Reference Interviews (4)

We develop specific interview questions based upon your position responsibilities and duties.  We then spend hours interviewing Supervisors, Co-workers, and those persons who have first-hand knowledge of your Finalist.  (Written transcription between 30 - 50 pages)


4) Nationwide News, Media and Public Data Search

We search and retrieve current and archived news sources for information regarding your candidate. Our nationwide search capabilities allow us to access and retrieve important information regarding  your Finalist in his/her her local area.  We also perform a local news search while on-site.


5) Academic / Degree Confirmation

Diploma Mills and non-accredited Universities have grown exponentially in the past five years.  We verify the level and type of degree, date of award, enrollment history, and provide you with Accreditation and Institution information as well.

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