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We are a State licensed Executive Recruitment and Management Consulting firm. Founded in 1984, Gleason & Associates, Inc. has been involved in assisting the public sector throughout the country in a variety of ways. Our initial offerings revolved around the delivery of a variety of management services including department evaluations, personnel reviews, promotional examination and evaluations, as well as other administrative consulting services. In order to better meet the needs of our growing client base, we expanded our offerings in 1988 to include search and recruitment services for local government administrative positions. However, due to the relatively high cost of retaining an Executive Recruiter, more and more cities began requesting that we provide Finalist Background Profiling to supplement their existing search and recruitment efforts. Ever since, we have specialized in offering quality Background Profiling to local government.
The firm’s founder, David Gleason brings with him more than thirty years of experience in local government, and police administrative services. He has coordinated hundreds of promotional and hiring reviews for cities and counties throughout the nation, and on virtually every level. He holds a Master’s Degree in Administration, and has completed numerous post graduate level courses in Public and Personnel Administration. Other individuals associated with our firm provide extensive legal, personnel, and administrative related experience. Our combined professional background allows us to provide our clients with the best resources available. Gleason & Associates, Inc. continually strives to bring true professionalism to the field of public sector recruitment and selection. Only through our most sincere efforts to deliver quality services is this possible.

We stand behind our services and take pride in being able to offer an individualized, personal approach to our client’s needs.

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