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Congratulations, your process is nearly complete. You've made every effort to find the right candidate, and you're close to making that important hiring decision. For a position as critical as the one you're about to fill, doesn't it make sense to have a complete picture of the person you're about to hire? Due to litigation concerns it's become increasingly difficult to gain reliable, first-hand information about prospective hires. In fact, many employers are hesitant to provide anything other than date of hire, position title, and little more. And that's where we come in! A background which meets due diligence requirements requires more than a quick on-line check, or phoning the references that your candidate has supplied. And the use of on-line "background screening" services only provides you with limited, rudimentary information We've been helping our clients find the "right fit" for their critical hiring needs since 1989! We take the worry out of the most critical part of your process and handle all the time consuming, yet necessary, paperwork. (Including waivers) And naturally, we guarantee our services!

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